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Due to Covid-19 shipping dates are being pushed back considerably.
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Charity Begins

The old saying “Charity begins at home’” is a bit of misnomer. I’ve heard it used to relieve ourselves of any social responsibility, I have even seen it weaponised on social media against a fabulous small business that does amazing work to help underprivileged children in India.

The most important thing I’m taking from that sentence is “Charity Begins “. For 3000k that means working with the organization Backpack Bed for Homeless and making a commitment to support this vital work.

There are so many reasons why someone ends up homeless and I'm not here to judge the why’s around that. I just know it happens and feel as a society we should be doing more.

I was on a bus not that long ago and when you use public transport it takes you out of your bubble and before you is a wide segment of population. You can’t control who gets on and off so the blinkers are forced off. On this particular day there were two gents in Hi Vis on the bus as I got on. They looked a bit woolly and they were carrying a few bags each and both had a swag backpack. I knew about these as I lived in Melbourne for some time and I was aware of what they are and what that meant.

The weather had turned and it was starting to get much colder in the evenings. Winter will soon be here. I was looking at both of them and wondering what their stories were. I let my mind wander. I have to be honest, it took me to some pretty dark times in my life where I had felt homelessness was close by. I was also reminded of some very personal stories shared by my mother who found herself homeless after being institutionalised as a child and the system failing her in her teens.

We are all vulnerable to situations outside of our control and as a result we are all steps away from homelessness. In that moment on the bus I made the choice that I was, through 3000k, going to do my bit to assist those affected by homelessness.

I pledge 10% of all profits from sales at 3000k will go to support Backpack Beds for Homeless.

I will be working throughout the year on further fundraising efforts so stay in touch via my socials for updates.

If you to want to help beyond a purchase from 3000k then I would encourage you to please visit Backpack Bed for Homeless and donate directly.

Remember to follow  #Charitybegins

Cheers Jase

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