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Due to Covid-19 shipping dates are being pushed back considerably.
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The “How” and a smidge of the “Why”

First of all I want to let everyone know everything you see produced by 3000k is an original piece of art created by me. This is my passion and represents hundreds of hours of effort and work so I hope you guys enjoy.

There are endless ways you can tackle night photography / light painting. It depends on the results you want and the equipment you have. What I’m about to share with you is how I do it. I have one philosophy when it comes to my photography and that is keep it simple.

I’m something of a minimalist and I found photographers tend to be tech geeks and gadget hoarders . I find this is expensive and so I work with a pared down set up that works for me.

I'm not a commercial photographer that has expectations upon them from a client that the result will be met within certain criteria (time/budget/look). I use photography as a medium to create art. It’s all experimental and a lot of very happy accidents as far as I am concerned.

So I choose to use a digital camera that has the capability of being used in fully manual mode partnered with a 50mm lens and a light weight tripod. Simple and easy.

If you know my work or have checked out my Instagram you will probably know I like to find lighting sources in there natural habitat........the urban jungle! I love nothing more than stumbling upon a new piece of neon that I have never met before and going to town.

I always start by using fully manual mode so I can get the control I need from the camera with these parameters.

ISO 100


Focus manual

And shutter speed depends on the ambient available light so I bracket until I get an exposure I’m interested in.

Then I use movement to paint with the light. There are no rules here..!

I do as much work in camera as I can. I’m not a huge fan of the “edit” and the most I usually do in photoshop is crop and adjust the contrast to get better blacks.

I hope you take this info and go out and have some fun creating you own night photography masterpieces. Tag me on the socials. I’d love to see what you all come up with.

Cheers Jase

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