Due to Covid-19 shipping dates are being pushed back considerably.
Due to Covid-19 shipping dates are being pushed back considerably.
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What do water, printing and cushion inserts all have in common?

Nope......its not a joke!  The truth of the matter is that fashion and fast moving homewares trends are having detrimental effects on the environment.

Water is one of the greatest resources this planet has and the textile industry is one of the largest polluters rife with sustainability issues from the use of toxic inks and wasteful practices for materials. 

Our business uses print-on-demand and less wasteful printing techniques to minimize fabric, water and ink waste.

Print on demand: Only what you order is printed. No waste. No excess. 

Water: Digital printing uses only a small fraction of the water traditional processes use.

Ink: Digital printing only what is ordered is printed. Again no waste. No excess. This process also uses far less water than other printing processes. 

Cushion fillers: We choose to not send out our cushions with fillers to minimize the need for production of new ones and to also possibly stop your current cushions ending up in landfill. We encourage you to re-use and re-purpose but if you can’t we hope you will go to Innergreen and purchased your fillers from this amazing company that turns old water bottles into cushion fillers.

Are we as a business perfect? No. As a business we are aware there is always room for improvement and are working with our suppliers for better more sustainable practices.  

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